I am the Monster

Outpost 13

–The Indie Game where YOU are the MONSTER–

Camouflaged as an innocent dog named Fen, you are a murderous alien trying to escape an icy planet where a bunch of Humans are setting up a scientific research.


In a point and click adventure game, strategically murder and scare the crew members until fear makes them abandon the colony.

This will allow you to use the resources to save yourself and leave the planet Achelous IV.


As the game progresses, new abilities will help you separate and alienate crew members by creating distractions, utilizing the ventilation system & killing them one after the other.

Outpost 13 is a tribute to cult favorite science fiction horror films such as Alien, The Thing, Predator, and the X-Files.

It is already Greenlit by the Community and can be found on Kickstarter, Facebook & Twitter.


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Have a great week everyone!


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