You do the game, I do the marketing!

To you, Indie Developer out there.

My name is Nadim, or as my local Starbucks likes to call me: Atim.


You are reading this because I did something right! Now I am giving you the opportunity to do it too.

I partnered with the biggest companies: Apple! Google! Facebook! Coca Cola! Unity! Samsung! Blizzard! PlayStation! Windows! Will NEVER come to me & I don’t want them to.

Because I don’t partner with corporations.

I partner with YOU! The Indie Developer.


You put your Life & Soul in the creation of your indie game and most importantly you put all your money.

Yet half the work is STILL to be done: the MARKETING.


This is where I come in, with my experience as an indie developer & a marketer, I will bring the investment in TIME & MONEY YOU NEED to BOOST you sales and start making real profits!

You won’t do a thing: I will bring my expertize and the budget needed to market your game.

By tracking the links used, I will record sales generated by the marketing campaign.

I will first recoup my investment and then we will share the profits.


Drop me your press kits –or some kind of description– at

Include any useful link and let’s start from here.

Stay tuned to the latest on Indie Dev @MyIndiePixel




3 thoughts on “You do the game, I do the marketing!

    • I studied & worked in Business Management & Marketing for 4 years and for the last year I have been working with Indie Games, by developing my own game and engaging in the Full Indie Community in Vancouver, BC. In the past I worked for over 2 years in the production and marketing of movies and today I am shifting to Indie Games.

      After studying and setting the target market(s) of a game, I develop my strategy accordingly. The platforms I pick are always changing, yet one of the non-avoidable is Facebook and FB ads. Otherwise, I believe that developing a blog specifically for the game and promoting the game on platform specialized in Indie Games is not really the best approach, since most of the time your audience isn’t even aware of the existence of these platforms.

      I still have a lot to learn & like most of the Indie Developers here, experience is how we learn; step by step. The marketing strategy is first implemented on a small level & after understanding how the audience is responding I will be expanding it to its full potential.

      Thank you for your comment & sorry for the long long reply 🙂

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