A Fat Cook On Kickstarter

An Indie Game is promoting obesity!

Or not really…

Fat Cook

–Grow Fat. Save The World–

In a side-scrolling game of adventure and puzzles, grow fat, collect secret ingredients and save mankind!

That simple.

Cheers to all!



Black Shadows – The Horror Of Indie Game

Flee form a grim place with a dark past in this Indie Survival Horror game!

Will you survive and successfully escape the abandoned place?

Black Shadows

–What the HELL was happening in that place?–

You can watch the video here

MyIndiePixel Black Shadows 1

“I was taking part in a scientific program. I wasn’t allowed to talk about my work and I could only visit my family once a month. We were a group of 10 studying a weird phenomenon that was currently spreading upon the earth. Many people were having the same dream, actually the same nightmare. A shadow was sneaking into their souls, confronting them with their biggest fears. They had to break free from this dreadful being that was after them. Some could make it. While others, well, simply disappeared… As the weeks flew by, we remained totally clueless. Some guys in the group were convinced that a paranormal activity was behind all this. I must admit that I started to believe that they might be right. Night after night, each of us was praying for a safe sleep. Unfortunately, my turn came…”

MyIndiePixel Black Shadows 2

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Indie Game explores post-societal America

Congratulations to The Molasses Flood for raising over $200K on Kickstarter for their awesome game:

The Flame In The Flood

–Survive in post-societal America–

A procedural world developed on Unreal Engine.

Do you get what I am talking about?

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Mozilla Supporting Open Source

Within the light of their mission, Mozilla just released a new project.

Always aiming to promote and support open sourced initiatives.

I present to you:

The Open Standard

–An online magazine dedicated to all Open Source initiatives–

MyIndiePixel Mozilla Open Standard 2

Make sure to check it out and let me know what you think 🙂

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Indie Games as Mobile Apps

Today I shine the light on some Indie mobile apps!


Super Looper

Table Tennis Touch

Because Indie games aren’t always on Steam.



Indie Games by Gregory Weir

Stumbled upon a series of Indie Games by Gregory Weir.

Check them out.

My personal favorite is


A beautiful pixelated monochromatic adventure where every pixel counts…

MyIndiePixel Gregory Weir Free Indie Game 1

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Indie Game Talks With Spirits

The horror continues with this Indie Game called

Ask The Spirits

–The Return… yes, they had a first version of this thing–

MyIndiePixel Ask The Spirits Horror Indie Game 1

What do we learn?

That people a really into anything. They don’t care, as long as it will get them to waste some time.



Hand-painted Indie Game Goes Horror

Hand-painted games have never been so macabre.

For the first time, I actually was immersed in a point-and-click adventure game.

This pumpkin-spice season, I present you with:

Fran Bow

–When Indie Game goes HORROR–

No time to chat! Go ahead and try the demo!

Have a good night sleep…

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The Free Indie Game Graveyard

In the deepest realms of the Internet, the darkest things can haunt the shadows for ever.

On the flip side, you can also dig up GEMS like

Free Indie Gam.es

MyIndiePixel Free Indie Game 2

Visit the graveyard and EXPLORE hundreds of INDIE GAMES for free!

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The Humble Mozilla Game Bundle

All Indie.

All Pixels.

All profits for a better cause.


The Humble Mozilla Game Bundle

It’s Mozilla. We love Mozilla!

Check out this pay-what-you-want game bundle & have fun!

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