Indie Game Saves Mankind from Slavery

Straight from Las Vegas!

A brand new turn-based RPG!

I present to you:


–In a world where demons rule mankind–

The barriers between Heaven, Earth and Hell broke.

The 3 worlds are now one.

Angels, Men and Demons are fighting for supremacy.

What could go wrong?

MyIndiePixel Graywalkers v4

Read the Mini Comic Preview (click on image)

Recruit your heroes and fight your way through hordes of demons.

Save Human Kind and free us from slavery.

MyIndiePixel Graywalkers v3

After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, the team is still aiming for stretch goals and accepting funding through PayPal.

You can find Graywalker on Steam and Twitter.

MyIndiePixel Graywalkers v2


Good luck with your own Indie projects!

Stay tuned for more @MyIndiePixel

Here is a treat for you:


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