A Fat Cook On Kickstarter

An Indie Game is promoting obesity!

Or not really…

Fat Cook

–Grow Fat. Save The World–

In a side-scrolling game of adventure and puzzles, grow fat, collect secret ingredients and save mankind!

That simple.

Cheers to all!



Le Micro-transactions’ SECRETS!

The BEAUTY of micro-transactions.

Nothing like a VIDEO to take us through the threads behind this EVIL SCHEME.

A bit long but INTERESTING!

A bit old but RELEVANT!

A bit summarized and THANK GOD FOR THAT!

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This unfamiliar dating game will GetYou

Gamification is the talk of the – cloud – town lately.

Here is an example of a remarkable gamification for a simple dating app: GetYou

The downside is to see yet another product focused on appearances and reinforcing our insecurities.

Update: I tested the app out and it seems quite poor in content. The only nationalities showcased are Canadian and Israeli. There is still a lot of room for improvement.

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