Indie Game Visits The Horror Of The Occult!

Ever dreamt of being a Pizza Boy?


The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizza Boy

–Fight the OCCULT in this beautiful twisted game–

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Perks of the WEIRD, STRANGE and PECULIAR – the return

After the weirdness of FOLLOW THE UNICORN and other peculiar “amusements” I present to you the rest of PHILOME.LA series by @aliciamariecon, @colinmarc & @trucy.

I left the strangest for later…

BORDERLINES – An interactive online story

PANIC ATTACK! – An endless interactive story

SHITTY POETRY TWINE – The name says it all

Lady. You have something behind.

Lady. You have something behind.


Not all the things I post are weird. I swear. @MyIndiePixel & The Book Of Faces are here to keep you posted 🙂

When a story unfolds, literally

I’ve, personally, NEVER SEEN anything like it before:

Check out this BRILLIANT way of telling a story!

I present to you Super Pixel Quest

And the adventure unfolds...

And the adventure unfolds…

The artist behind this gem is Emmanuel Espinasse


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