Of Wizards & Spirits

2 Wizards fighting to death in an ever-changing world?

I like it!

A warm welcoming hug to the upcoming indie game:

The Wizards’ Duel

–Harness the power of Spirits–

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The Humble Mozilla Game Bundle

All Indie.

All Pixels.

All profits for a better cause.


The Humble Mozilla Game Bundle

It’s Mozilla. We love Mozilla!

Check out this pay-what-you-want game bundle & have fun!

Stay entertained @MyIndiePixel




Best Horror Indie Games

Halloween is knocking at our doors.

The Horror is in the air.

This year, Indie Games are the Tricks –& Treats– we all deserve.

Follows a list of FREE and paid HORROR INDIE GAMES!

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The Game Within Games

Dive into a game, taking place within games.

Yes, it’s a Game-ception.



–A game with a girl stuck in video games–

I love her accent!

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You do the game, I do the marketing!

To you, Indie Developer out there.

My name is Nadim, or as my local Starbucks likes to call me: Atim.


You are reading this because I did something right! Now I am giving you the opportunity to do it too.

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I am the Monster

Outpost 13

–The Indie Game where YOU are the MONSTER–

Camouflaged as an innocent dog named Fen, you are a murderous alien trying to escape an icy planet where a bunch of Humans are setting up a scientific research. Continue reading


Indie Game Kills Everyone!

The first time I heard about this game was because the developer contacted me for using his copyrighted material in The Way Of The Pixel.

After cleaning up my own mess, I realized that Dean Razavi –the developer– was working on something big:


–A game where everyone dies–

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The Way Of The Pixel

What IS The Way Of The Pixel?

A spiritual journey into your inner Pixel.

A prayer to the 8-bit God.

A training toward becoming the Master of retro Art.

It’s a forum. It’s here. It’s AWESOME! It’s


–The Way Of The Pixel–

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The Pixel Art Heaven is a Flipboard

Yes, Heaven exists & it’s a flipboard!

I present to you:

PixelArtM, The Flipboard

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