Misadventures of being a CREATOR

This GEM is a stop-motion animation short!

Believe it or not.

You be the judge:

Simply titled Marilyn Myller, this short was directed by Mikey Please@MisterPlease.

I found this piece of art simply moving.

Cheers on this lovely Thursday,



INDIE GAME for mid-week blues!

It’s Wednesday.

It’s mid-week.

So let’s have some FUN!

Click to check the game out!

Click to check the game out!

Bounce around from floating island to floating island in this SHORT GAME!

Developed by @PixelSpill for Indie Quilt, this game is now playable online &/or downloadable 🙂

Enjoy Your Wednesday,



Have some beast meat with this INDIE GAME

Discover the Stone Age FIRST HAND with this in-development INDIE GAME!

I present to you STONE RAGE!

So kill some BEASTS!


Feed your babies with some HUMAN FLESH! -Wait… WHAT!?

I think I am going off topic here…


Better you check it out for yourself: @MountainWheel, on Vimeo and Facebook.

Keep in mind that the team is so FRESH & INDIE that their following community is quite… small…

See you tomorrow folks!


Indie gone BEAUTIFUL

In the shadows of the trees, in a far away village called Trendwind, Tvill follows the call to ADVENTURE!


Traveling from village to village, from forest to forest, the young fox-like Tvill discovers new worlds, new lifestyles and stories…


Stumbled upon this game (still in development) & can’t WAIT for it to come out!

Check out more about it on their Facebook page and the blog : “An indie game dev blog with semi-interesting content” (THEIR WORDS!) 🙂

Update: they now have a FRESHLY BAKED Twitter account!

Telling stories is always a good way to teach the young ones about both history and the dangers that are lurking in the wild

Telling stories is always a good way to teach the young ones about both history and the dangers that are lurking in the wild

The indie team behind it is still as young as their character, yet I am positive Skycrown will go far.

Enjoy your week!



GINGIVA: when a game’s name sounds like “gingivitis”

Getting lost on the Internet is a dark dark dangerous path.

You do not go there alone…

Yet I did and now I am sharing with you the weird treasure I stumbled upon:

I present to you GINGIVA! (aka a fucked up game)


Something is wrong with that girl’s head

Download and try it out here (at your own risk!)



I do not know if you heard the BAD NEWS already, yet here it goes:



It’s here.

It’s now.


I present to you *drum roll*

AIRSCAPE: FALL OF GRAVITY! *bud-um tissss*

You can download the DEMO HERE (Mac or PC) and check out their website as well.

The good thing is that students from AROUND THE WORLD worked on saving this octopus family!

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Voted JOB OFFER OF THE YEAR by Forbes Magazine

Update: offer is no longer available.

To the LADIES & to the GENTLEMEN out there!

Hear me calling you for a job of EPIC proportions! (& forgive me as I am listen to Two Steps from Hell as I am writing this)

So here is the deal:

A developer for iOS is needed for a Space Invader modeled game.

As a first part, programing will include 1 playable level of the game and 6 simple menus.

Nothing much to ask for here.

A detailed production plan is ready and some of the Art as well.

Deadline would be by mid-August.

If you are interested, please hit me (figuratively) a message @ myindiepixel@gmail.com !

Meanwhile, it is dangerous to go alone, take this with you:

Tiny Unicorn aka The Mother of Dragons

Tiny Unicorn aka The Mother of Dragons


Le Micro-transactions’ SECRETS!

The BEAUTY of micro-transactions.

Nothing like a VIDEO to take us through the threads behind this EVIL SCHEME.

A bit long but INTERESTING!

A bit old but RELEVANT!

A bit summarized and THANK GOD FOR THAT!

Check out Extra Credits channel. They have some neat vidz about all the things we like! (“They” also have a website and a Birdy profile, aka Twitter page)

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HEAVEN on earth and other miscellaneous universes

A vision of BEAUTY and a bunch of other stuff

A vision of BEAUTY and a bunch of other stuff.

That is what I stumbled upon today; & I thought I would share it with you.

The artwork is created by the talented artist Paul Scott Canavan

More of the EYE CANDY

More of the EYE CANDY

Colours, shapes and MOVEMENT in still artwork.

Is it only me or is this amazing?

Is it only me or is this amazing?

Turns out he has been working on a game I have been looking for for AGES!


Explore the UNIVERSE and discover things no one has EVER SEEN before

I don’t even KNOW if this article is outdated! And I don’t really care. Just Check it out if you didn’t.

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