Of Mind, Body & Soul

A turn-based strategy & card game is flooding Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight.

Prepare yourself to be amazed by


–Fight battles with ENDLESS possibilities!–

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Indie Game explores post-societal America

Congratulations to The Molasses Flood for raising over $200K on Kickstarter for their awesome game:

The Flame In The Flood

–Survive in post-societal America–

A procedural world developed on Unreal Engine.

Do you get what I am talking about?

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Gamifying Ebola

In a galaxy far far away, on a land called Africa, Ebola has struck.

OK, they don’t have vaccines –yet– but they’ll eventually get there before the disease spreads to “us”.

Why is it even spreading! All they need to do is quarantine the “sick” people!

Guess what? That’s not actually the case.

I present to you:


–An addictive game about epidemic prevention–

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NEEDED: Artist for mobile games

Greetings humans,

I shall dispense to you yet another job offer –in a real game studio, this time.

If you’re an artist.

If you’re unemployed.

If you are around Vancouver.

If you like working in a friendly environment.



Check out the brief right here: VSG_ContractArtistDesigner_2014

Learn more about Victory Square Games and check out their website!

Stay tuned about the latest in indie dev @MyIndiePixel

Let the games begin and may the odds be ever in your favour.



When a coma becomes beautiful

In the mind of a coma patient, an Indie Game will make you shiver with every sound, every look, every thought.

Because a person can go through the worst and change; because the human mind is a gem of beauty and creativity, I present to you:

MIND: Path To Thalamus

–Emotions have come to Life–

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Sing me a song & chill my bones

Inspired by Haruki Murakami.

Inspired by Hayao Miyazaki.

Inspired by the developer’s personal life…



–A chilling graphic adventure game–

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Particle Mace: The Complex in Disguise

A mesh between the Old & the New, the Simple yet quite Complex,

Particle Mace

–or the beauty of creativity–

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An INDIE DEVELOPER is FIRST a Project Manager

In the light of the latest Ludum Dare Game Jam:

A few guidelines to managing a project

– especially when you’re poor & out of time aka. an Indie Developer –


The 9 Knowledge Areas

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When a CULTURE unfolds in an INDIE GAME

DISCOVER the world of the Native Alaskan People in NEVER ALONE!

Developed in collaboration with local non-profit organizations for the preservation of the indigenous people, Never Alone UNFOLDS the culture the Iñupiaq through a young girl called Nuna & her faithful arctic fox! Continue reading


Veni, Vidi, Ludi!

The Full Indie gathering was taking place yesterday at The Pint in Vancouver.

I came, I saw, I played! & it was AWESOME!

The following is a sample of how productive my night was!


SKYTORN GAME: dig & shoot!

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