Of Wizards & Spirits

2 Wizards fighting to death in an ever-changing world?

I like it!

A warm welcoming hug to the upcoming indie game:

The Wizards’ Duel

–Harness the power of Spirits–

MyIndiePixel Wizards Duel Game 3

Technically, The Wizards’ Duel is a tactical turn-based RPG with procedural generation of levels.

The whole thing is embellished by the story behind it:

Two wizards are fighting each other to death by harnessing the powers of the Spirits.

Depending on what Spirits you meet and defeat, you acquire different powers. The combination of different Spirit powers create a synergy effect, your imagination being the only limit.

MyIndiePixel Wizards Duel Game 7

As any Indie Game worthy of this title, The Wizards’ Duel is based on PIXEL ART, DONATIONS & 2 GUYS (the 2 wizards? Go figure…).

MyIndiePixel Wizards Duel Game 2

If you like what you see, you can follow their progress on their website.

You can also follow one of “The Guys” @TheBlindLynx

and the other @tndwolf

To stay tuned for more about indie games we like, follow me @MyIndiePixel

PS: it’s dangerous to go alone. Take this with you:

MyIndiePixel Wizards Duel Game 9


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