Indie Game Saves Mankind from Slavery

Straight from Las Vegas!

A brand new turn-based RPG!

I present to you:


–In a world where demons rule mankind–

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Indie Game Visits The Horror Of The Occult!

Ever dreamt of being a Pizza Boy?


The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizza Boy

–Fight the OCCULT in this beautiful twisted game–

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A Fat Cook On Kickstarter

An Indie Game is promoting obesity!

Or not really…

Fat Cook

–Grow Fat. Save The World–

In a side-scrolling game of adventure and puzzles, grow fat, collect secret ingredients and save mankind!

That simple.

Cheers to all!



Indie Game explores post-societal America

Congratulations to The Molasses Flood for raising over $200K on Kickstarter for their awesome game:

The Flame In The Flood

–Survive in post-societal America–

A procedural world developed on Unreal Engine.

Do you get what I am talking about?

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Best Horror Indie Games

Halloween is knocking at our doors.

The Horror is in the air.

This year, Indie Games are the Tricks –& Treats– we all deserve.

Follows a list of FREE and paid HORROR INDIE GAMES!

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Requiem For Three Worlds
a poem of serious reflection, typically a lament for the dead…


–for a Dead World–

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Survive the journey or you will NEVER be the same again…

An indie game that projects you into the future.

Into a dark barren land called:


–Survive a once in a lifetime trip to the unknown–

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I am the Monster

Outpost 13

–The Indie Game where YOU are the MONSTER–

Camouflaged as an innocent dog named Fen, you are a murderous alien trying to escape an icy planet where a bunch of Humans are setting up a scientific research. Continue reading


A beautiful game, in a Broken Age…

A girl FIGHTS for her life.

A boy STRIVES for adventure.

One is in her village, apprehending the moment she will be sacrificed to a Monster.

The other is in space, struggling with the day to day Routine.

Welcome to a

Broken Age

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