Mozilla Supporting Open Source

Within the light of their mission, Mozilla just released a new project.

Always aiming to promote and support open sourced initiatives.

I present to you:

The Open Standard

–An online magazine dedicated to all Open Source initiatives–

MyIndiePixel Mozilla Open Standard 2

Make sure to check it out and let me know what you think 🙂

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Indie Games by Gregory Weir

Stumbled upon a series of Indie Games by Gregory Weir.

Check them out.

My personal favorite is


A beautiful pixelated monochromatic adventure where every pixel counts…

MyIndiePixel Gregory Weir Free Indie Game 1

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The Free Indie Game Graveyard

In the deepest realms of the Internet, the darkest things can haunt the shadows for ever.

On the flip side, you can also dig up GEMS like

Free Indie

MyIndiePixel Free Indie Game 2

Visit the graveyard and EXPLORE hundreds of INDIE GAMES for free!

Stay entertained @MyIndiePixel




Best Horror Indie Games

Halloween is knocking at our doors.

The Horror is in the air.

This year, Indie Games are the Tricks –& Treats– we all deserve.

Follows a list of FREE and paid HORROR INDIE GAMES!

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Best Free Indie Game Bundle

The Pirate Bay released –LEGALLY– a free game bundle of 101 small indie titles that we probably never heard of before.

And now we did!

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